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Allevamento Hovawart degli:

Dr. Fiore & Dr. Rusconi

Our Passion

We are Antonella, Riccardo, and our children, and we have always been animal lovers. We have built our lives around this passion, and there are three vets in the family. We often look after animals in need in our home, and of course they become our playmates and part of our lives. We came across the Hovawart by chance some years ago and they won us over. We were so intrigued us that we decided to get one, Aisha, who came into our lives in December 2008, adding to the numerous pets that were already present. Over time we came to appreciate this breed’s qualities even more, and thanks to Aisha we started to think that we ought to pass her fine qualities on to other dogs. She is an excellent guard dog, even-tempered, and very sweet with children. And so the idea of our first litter was born, and the rest came naturally…